Workplace Design Trend Predictions For 2018

By Megan Allen

 We predict  this year is all about the millennials. Creating that holistic experience and unconventional work space for a home away from home.

 Millenials are the new designers, with their desire for open collaborative spaces to make their workplace feel as comfortable as possible. These are designed to have a multitude of purposes. Attracting all members of staff to go work, have meetings or simple relax. The demand for the traditional office with dark, small offices crammed full of desks and plain magnolia walls is ever decreasing.

What’s better than ripping out those solid office walls and replacing with something much more interactive? By using materials inspired by nature such as bamboo and plants, you create a room setting that is private but still engaging. Other ideas include; cabinets and acoustic panels.

Chill out zones are becoming a necessity in today’s workspace. Tea points have always been popular for a quick cuppa, but is there an area the staff can ‘re-charge’ for a while? By creating a space with variations of furnishing, employers are able to relax and take a moment away from their desk to recharge - even take a nap if they need! This might include bean bags and hammocks.

Textures and materials are a key factor in the workplace. With people being drawn to nature, what better way than to use ‘nature inspired’ materials. Wood, stone and metal would be some examples. Inspired by biophilic design, using unlikely combinations to create appeal to being in the office will be a big trend in 2018.

 Technology and craftmanship is on the rise, fading out those mass production items. No one wants to sit in an office staring at a room full of repetition. Creating bespoke items is what it’s all about, helping brands show people what they’re about.

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