What Office Design Trends Should You Look Out for in 2016?

It’s a new year and that means there will be plenty of fresh office design trends to look out for in the 12 months ahead. So, if you’re looking for some design inspiration to ensure your office refurbishment is up-to-date, here are a few trends we think you should look out for in 2016: 

Trend 1: Feature Lighting

Fluorescent lighting and computer screens aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing combination as they can cause glare and starkness in clinical environments. That’s why we’ve seen a move towards softer feature lighting.

When teamed with natural light, controllable feature lighting provides staff with the flexibility to personalise light levels to their taste. This is an effective way of making employees feel more at home and relaxed in the workspace aiding productivity and efficiency.

Clever lighting design is also a handy way to draw attention to certain features, and away from others. Up-lighting a business logo is popular, whereas empty spaces like corridors often require only the most basic of fixtures.

Top tip: Want softer lighting in your office or another business premises? Then opt for energy efficient lighting solutions.

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Trend 2: Bold and Bright Colours

Every year, some colours are more popular than ever. For 2016, there is no focus on one particular shade, just those that are bold, bright and statement making. Many brands are beginning to take note of business office design pioneers like Google and Facebook and adopting a similar, colourful refurbishment goal. 

From painted walls to graphic murals, stand-out furniture to colourful carpets, there are a number of ways you can introduce bold colour into your office space. Check out a few of our colour design tips by reading our: The Ultimate Colour Theory Guide for Office Design  

Trend 3: Integrated Technology

Technology is transforming the way we work, with more and more offices adopting the latest products in an aid to improve the work process and show they are cutting-edge. So, what technology do we think will be big in 2016?

With an ever-increasing move towards flexible working there will become a need for integrated chargers and power points, therefore we think there may be powered furniture hitting the design stage over the next few months. Keep an eye out for chairs, sofas and tables with power points.

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One piece of technology that is already out there and is quickly being adopted by large nationwide companies, is Touch Tables. These are essentially tables with touch screen tops, just like giant tablets.

We think these will take reception areas, meeting rooms and staff break-out spaces by storm. Some restaurants are even starting to use them for placing orders too!

Trend 4: Collaborative and Multipurpose Workspaces

This may not be a new idea, however it has been growing in popularity recently. This work habit and design change, makes the most of large shared desks, whiteboards and sometimes even seating to promote idea sharing and strengthen staff communications. 

Non-assigned seating, customisable booths and meeting spaces will transform the classic office into a multipurpose workspace, allowing staff to personalise their area for their current needs. We expect to see a trend for modular, multi-way seating, adjustable height tables and sliding wall partitions over the next 12 months.

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Trend 5: Bringing the Outdoors in

Natural light and fresh air are both great for boosting productivity, so it’ll come as no surprise that bringing a sense of the outside in is deemed to be popular in 2016. Whether that comes in the form of floral patterns, potted desk plants or living walls. 

Natural materials, such as recycled wooden cladding and bamboo flooring, will become more common in line with a desire for businesses to become more eco-conscious and decrease their carbon footprint output.

If you would like to know how Office Image can make your dream office a reality, check out our Office Design Services page!

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