Office Design Trend of the Month: Vintage Accessories

Every month we like to take a look at some of the latest trends that are hitting the commercial interior design industry scene, and February is no different. Today’s office design trend of the month is vintage accessories. 

The Rise of The Old As New

So, why are vintage or retro accessories so popular at the moment? Well, simply yet robustly made, many items have stood the test of time going from fashionable to unfashionable and now back again. And due to their relative rarity they are now seen as kitsch and unique. Who wouldn’t want a stand-out item that no one else has as a talking point in their shop or office? 

How to Add a Vintage Flare to Your Space

Vintage accessories have especially taken off among boutique shops and coffee houses, but this style looks amazing in pretty much any commercial space. Introduce a hint of vintage into your business premises with the following items: 


Yes we have the time on our phones and computers, but a beautiful clock can be both functional and stylish. Whether you opt for an industrial style, oversized masterpiece with plenty of patina or a colourful 60s table-top miniature, we think a clock is a brilliant vintage accessory for any space.  


Industrial-style, metal pendant lights have boomed in popularity over the last 18 months or so, thanks to their cool and masculine feel. Plus, they’re extremely practical and easy to clean due to their smooth surface.

Hang an over-sized factory shade over a table or checkout desk for a beam of added light where you need it most. Or thread multiple smaller pendant lights with brightly-coloured flex at regular intervals throughout the room for a softer more even glow.

If industrial isn’t your thing, then why not try a baroque style table lamp with a simple shade? Soft and classically opulent, this would look amazing in a wood-panelled office space, placed carefully on a coffee table at a spa or lighting a book shelf in a lounge bar. 

Desk Ornaments

Does your reception table or shelves look a little bare? Then why not adorn them with some stunning vintage ornaments? We love the idea of globes, desk fans or even flower-filled mason jars being given pride of place for all to see. 

Wall Art

If you’re looking to make a statement with your vintage accessories, why not hang an animal skull on your wall? Deer antlers, both real and plastic, are slowly breaking their way into domestic and commercial interior design.

Hung within a montage of frames, above a doorway or behind a bar, these are seen as edgy, rustic and cool but they are not for everyone, of course.

If you’re an animal lover and can’t bear the thought of hanging antlers or a skull on your wall, whether they are real or not, then it may be better to stick to a classic framed calligraphy image instead.

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 So, will you be adding vintage elements to your interior design plans? Make sure to check out our other trends of the month throughout the blog for the latest in design fashion!

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