How to Design a Health-Conscious Office

Being healthy is now more fashionable than ever. People are stocking up on kale and apple crisps, experimenting with homemade smoothies and jacking in their railcards for shiny new bicycles. So, if you’re thinking of redesigning and refurbishing your business premises you may want to bear this health conscious movement in mind.

Here are eight ways you can help your staff become healthier.

1. Plant-Up Some Pots

Desk plants are not a new phenomenon, however many are still unaware of the benefits of the humble potted shrub.

A study from Surrey University found that employees who have plants in their working environment are 12% more productive than those who don’t. They can also reduce noise distraction as a small indoor hedge can reduce noise by up to 5 decibels.

2. Set Up Anti-Bac Stations

Cleaning your hands can prevent the spread of germs, and conveniently-placed anti-bacterial dispensing stations can encourage your staff to wash their hands more often.  

3. Cut Out Germs with Automatic Doors

What is one thing that everyone in the office touches at some point throughout the working day? You’ve guessed it – the front door!

With everyone touching the same surface, it is easy for germs to transfer and staff to get sick. Anti-bacterial stations can help with this, but you could eliminate the problem completely by fitting automatic doors instead.

4. Let Natural Light Shine in

Large, floor-to-ceiling windows not only look amazing in any commercial or domestic space, but they could actually be improving your health.

Researchers at Northwestern University in Chicago, USA, have found that working in a windowless environment can reduce a worker’s sleep hours, activity and quality of life.

5. Airflow

A warm and stuffy environment can make a person feel lethargic. Air conditioning units and open windows can ensure a steady stream of fresh air throughout a commercial space, creating a refreshing environment and keeping productivity high. 

6. Healthy Snacks

Vending machines may be a convenient option, but they may also be making you and your staff fat. After all, why would you head out of the office for a nutritional meal when you have all the chocolate, crisps and fizzy drinks you could ever want just ten paces away?

Improve the health of your office by ditching the junk and investing in a fresh fruit buffet. You’ll all still be able to keep the hunger pains at bay, but you’ll feel much better.

7. Office Gym

The ultimate health-conscious offices or commercial buildings have their own gymnasiums for their staff to work out in before or after their shifts.

You could read all about the benefits of in-house gyms in our post - Office Design Trend of the Month: Gyms

8. Desk Chair Supports and Foot Rests

Desk chair supports, foot rests, adjustable height monitors and wrist supports are all designed for making the office worker’s day more comfortable, to support their bodies and improve posture, preventing long-term damage caused by sitting all day. We offer a wide arrray of office furniture to fit all needs, for more information check out our Office Furniture page. 

Repetitive strain disorder and back pain are extremely common among office staff, so a small investment now could help them stay happy, healthy and pain free at a later date. That means less sick days and a more productive taskforce.

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