5 Wow Items You Need for Your Office Right Now!

Office furniture and design should be practical and functional, but in the best business premises it is also stylish, eye-catching and can even become a talking-point to expand your brand awareness. If you want your office to be noticed for all the right reasons, take a look at these 5 ‘wow’ items you need for your office right now: 

The Grasslamp

We’ve previously mentioned how having plants in your office can improve productivity and the overall health of your staff, but this innovative Grasslamp makes a style-statement as well. Like a minimalist sculpture, it would look amazing on any desk, conference table or in a reception. And you can even eat what you grow!

The Grasslamp is an award-winning desk lamp that uses water and LED-light to help you grow micro-greens of your choice. There’s no soil needed, so you won’t get a messy desk. Just add your seeds and spritz with water a few times a day to see your beauties grow.

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The modern desktop garden!The Grasslamp is a unique combination of gardening, interior decor and award winning design....

Posted by Yanko Design on Wednesday, 13 January 2016


Undecided whether you want a sitting or standing desk? No problem. Invest in a LEVIT8 flat folding desk stand and you can have the best of both worlds in a light-weight and portable solution. There are no small parts to put together, this simply designed stand utilises a classic box twist fold for ultimate efficiency.  

A sit-stand desk for all!Sit/stand desks are all the ergonomic rage but if you work from home or your employer just...

Posted by Yanko Design on Monday, 14 December 2015

Fletcher Tables

How often do you have a large meeting or conference in your office? Probably not regularly, but you need the facilities for when you do. An extending table could be a handy solution, providing you with a large table when you need it and a small one to maximise space when you don’t.

But Fletcher Tables aren’t any old extendable tables, of course. Utilising an 1835 geometric invention, these tables offer radial expansion which is electrically powered. Confused? Check out the video below:

Moscow Table - Electronic Operation

We have two new videos to demonstrate the operation of the Moscow table. First of all electronic operation:

Posted by Fletcher Burwell-Taylor on Friday, 27 September 2013

The Evolution Door

Because doors on basic swing hinges are too mainstream. The futuristic Evolution Door by Klemens Torggler folds in on itself with a self-driving weight mechanism. Think origami sculpture meets Lamborghini car door. We think it would look amazing in any forward thinking tech company’s office. 

Evolutionsmodell, Wien, 2013

Posted by Klemens Torggler on Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Tetra Shed

Whether placed outside or in the middle of your office space, the Tetra Shed provides a uniquely-shaped private workspace that looks like something out of the future. With shuttered windows and a hinged door, this flexible pod allows you to be as open as you like. And with a hexagonal 10m² footprint you won’t be pushed for space.

This modular building system is the brainchild of architectural practice Innovation Imperative. Eco-friendly and a design statement, we dare you not to find this unusual item interesting.

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